I am a painter-printmaker and songwriter from West Yorkshire (UK). 

I have spent considerable time travelling and making artwork in various countries, completing residencies in Southern Europe and Scandinavia, including northwest Greenland. 

Since 2008, I had been involved in writing, recording and performing music, until few years ago, when a series of life changing events marked a return to making visual art. During this time, and since having children, I have been making small-scale lino and woodcut prints using the reduction method, working from photographs taken during my turbulent pregnancy on the island of Lanzarote. These prints were initially made as preparatory work for future large-scale paintings when I hope to have access to a studio again. In fact, they were a substitute for painting; my only opportunity to work through personal experiences within the confines of a purely domestic life. However, the printing process has given me access to a new craft and a different perspective when making images. I really enjoy the labour intensive carving of the plate, mapping out the layers and the unpredictable outcome of the printing process. It has also expanded my understanding of the use of colour and highlighted reoccurring themes within my work; most notably the exploration of memory, time and place, particularly as a foreigner travelling and living in different countries. I am beginning to understand the importance and peculiarity of much of my life spent as an outsider, and how this has woven its way into my work with an increased emphasis on the anthropological and how people interact with their environment. 
I am often drawn to documents - usually a photograph - that for reasons usually unbeknownst to me at the time, invites further investigation. Indeed, I view the process of constructing an image a part of discovering exactly what it is I’m looking for, and why. For me, making images is about transforming the subject matter from its source material and finding new narratives through the different approaches to its construction.

I am currently undertaking an MA Fine Art at The University of Leeds.

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