I am an artist from West Yorkshire (UK) working primarily with painting and print. My work has also included songwriting, music production and live performance, set design and video art.

I have spent considerable time travelling and making work in various countries around Europe, and have completed many residencies abroad, including Greenland, Iceland and Norway. I am especially interested in making art in remote places and how contemporary art can interact and survive in such environments.

I am currently focused on making reduction lino and woodcut prints, utilising the precious time I have outside my role as full time mother of two preschool children. I am relatively new to printmaking and approach the process as a new way to explore image-making, and the discoveries of which I intend to eventually apply to future paintings. Consequently I do not usually make two prints the same; the process of printing layers and what can be uncovered on that physical journey is my main concern.

This website is for viewing my prints and paintings, for my music/audio-visual work please visit - www.thehornthehunt.com

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