Part of the Sobremesa exhibition, 'Kitchen Memory Gyre' (2022) is a  collection of encounters on the island of Lanzarote, projected from the dining table in my kitchen onto maruishi paper, hanging from a creel where I dry my family’s clothes. The projection was filmed and then re-projected onto the paper repeatedly, so the light within the space of the kitchen eroded the image until it was no longer recognisable. The music - a utopian love song to my daughter - was performed in the same way, with the voice and synth projected and recorded to capture the ambience of the kitchen, until the sounds finally became too distorted to recognise the song. This took 12 rounds of projections and recordings. All these captures were then recomposed to create a new landscape/journey made out of the erosions and sedimentations of the kitchen environment and the process of performing and recording the memory embedded within it.

'Kitchen Memory Gyre'


video projection, 04:50

FAHACS orange studio projection, 2022

© Clare Carter
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